mobileFX WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX 4.x
WebKitXCEF3Lib ActiveX Control / NAV_TRANSITION_TYPE Enumeration
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    Enumeration of URL Navigation Transition Type.

    TT_AUTO_SUBFRAME3Source is a subframe navigation. This is any content that is automatically loaded in a non-toplevel frame. For example, if a page consists of several frames containing ads, those ad URLs will have this transition type. The user may not even realize the content in these pages is a separate frame, so may not care about the URL.
    TT_BLOCKED_FLAG8388608Attempted to visit a URL but was blocked.
    TT_CHAIN_END_FLAG536870912The last transition in a redirect chain.
    TT_CHAIN_START_FLAG268435456The beginning of a navigation chain.
    TT_CLIENT_REDIRECT_FLAG1073741824Redirects caused by JavaScript or a meta refresh tag on the page.
    TT_EXPLICIT1Source is some other "explicit" navigation action such as creating a new browser or using the LoadURL function. This is also the default value for navigations where the actual type is unknown.
    TT_FORM_SUBMIT7Source is a form submission by the user. NOTE: In some situations submitting a form does not result in this transition type. This can happen if the form uses a script to submit the contents.
    TT_FORWARD_BACK_FLAG16777216Used the Forward or Back function to navigate among browsing history.
    TT_IS_REDIRECT_MASK-1073741824Used to test whether a transition involves a redirect.
    TT_LINK0Source is a link click or the JavaScript function. This is also the default value for requests like sub-resource loads that are not navigations.
    TT_MANUAL_SUBFRAME4Source is a subframe navigation explicitly requested by the user that will generate new navigation entries in the back/forward list. These are probably more important than frames that were automatically loaded in the background because the user probably cares about the fact that this link was loaded.
    TT_QUALIFIER_MASK-256General mask defining the bits used for the qualifiers.
    TT_RELOAD8Source is a "reload" of the page via the Reload function or by re-visiting the same URL. NOTE: This is distinct from the concept of whether particular load uses "reload semantics" (i.e. bypasses cached data).
    TT_SERVER_REDIRECT_FLAG-2147483648Redirects caused by JavaScript or a meta refresh tag on the page.
    TT_SOURCE_MASK255General mask defining the bits used for the source values.