mobileFX WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX 4.x
WebKitXCEF3Lib ActiveX Control / Settings Object
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    Settings Object Members
    In This Topic
    Public Properties

    Comma delimited ordered list of language codes without any whitespace that will be used in the "Accept-Language" HTTP header.

    Used with filter_response to overwrite CORS headers in HTTP response headers before passed to Browser.

    Controls if the Browser will be allowed to get focus when it requests it.

    Controls if the Cancel variable of OnBeforeNavigate event will be used or not. Default is false.

    Controls if popup windows are allowed.

    Defines the application path that becomes available in JavaScript under window.APP_PATH variable.

    Controls whether the application cache can be used. Also configurable using the "disable-application-cache" command-line switch.

    Controls if COM events generated by CEF3 Client Processes are fired in their own stack or in the IPC stack. Default is true.

    Background color used for the browser before a document is loaded and when no document color is specified.

    The location where cache data will be stored on disk.

    Set to true to disable configuration of browser process features using standard CEF and Chromium command-line arguments.


    Controls whether databases can be used.

    Provides a default download path for all downloads.

    Default encoding for Web content.

    Default fixed-font size.

    Default font size.







    Controls if OnBeforeNavigate event will be fired at all. Default is true.


    Enable low-level debugger WebSocket events.

    Enables High DPI support for both the ActiveX host process and CEF3 processes.

    Enabling this option improves network security but may cause HTTPS load failures when using CEF binaries built more than 10 weeks in the past.

    Emits OnDebuggerScriptParsed event for every script parsed by Runtimes, either Chromium or node.js.

    Enable HTML property to return XHTML.


    Controls whether file URLs will have access to other file URLs. Also configurable using the "allow-access-from-files" command-line switch.  

    Enables experimental Content Filtering feature.

    When true, protocol HREF will be intercepted and OnProtocolLink(HREF) event will be fired.

    Font family for fixed fonts.

    Flash Player DLL path. If not set the default will be used.

    Not used.

    Controls if HMI input signals are transmitted to JavaScript in real-time or latched.

    HMI input signals latch frequency in Hz.


    Ignore errors related to invalid SSL certificates.

    Controls whether image URLs will be loaded from the network.

    Controls whether standalone images will be shrunk to fit the page.

    Controls whether JavaScript can be executed.

    Controls whether JavaScript can access the clipboard.

    Controls whether JavaScript can be used to close windows.

    Controls whether DOM pasting is supported in the editor.

    Custom flags that will be used when initializing the V8 JavaScript engine.

    Controls JavaScript dialogs such as alert().

    Controls whether local storage can be used.

    The locale string that will be passed to WebKit.

    The fully qualified path for the locales directory.

    The directory and file name to use for the debug log.

    The minimum font size.

    The minimum logical font size.

    Enables starting node.js when WebKitX starts.

    Provides default node.js command line arguments.

    Defines node.js debug port which essentially enables node.js debugging features of WebKitX.

    Defines node.js debug protocol. This must be set to inspector.

    Defines the absolute path of node.js executable.

    Defines the absolute path of JavaScript program to execute in node.js child process.

    Defines the absolute path of node_modules folder.

    Enables synch between WebKitX instantiation and node.js life cycle.

    To persist session cookies (cookies without an expiry date or validity interval) by default.

    Controls persisting user preferences as a JSON file in the cache path directory.

    Controls whether any plugins will be loaded.

    Controls Chromium Remote Debugging.

    Controls the loading of fonts from remote sources.

    Used with filter_response to remove HTTP response headers before passed to Browser.

    The fully qualified path for the resources directory.

    The Sans Serif Font Family.

    The Serif Font Family.

    Controls display of Context Menu (right-click) on Browser and firing of OnContextMenu event.


    Enables notification events of window.status to be fired. Default is false.

    The standard font family.

    Controls the string to use during Eval when the result is null.

    Controls the string to use during Eval when the result is undefined.

    Controls whether the tab key can advance focus to links.

    Controls whether text areas can be resized.

    The number of stack trace frames to capture for uncaught exceptions.

    Controls whether file URLs will have access to all URLs.

    Value that will be returned as the User-Agent HTTP header.

    The location where user data such as spell checking dictionary files will be stored on disk.

    Controls whether web security restrictions (same-origin policy) will be enforced.

    Controls whether WebGL will be enabled.

    The Widevine plugin folder path.

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