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In This Topic
    DelayedBrowserCreation Property
    In This Topic

    When set to True (default) delays browser sub-processes creation until the first paint of the control.

    Property type
    Read-write property
    Visual Basic
    Public Property DelayedBrowserCreation As Boolean

    Purpose of this property is delay browser sub-process creation until the control paints on the screen. This is practical for applications that use the control on many Forms or place many instances of the control inside container elements such as Tab Strips. For each instance of WebKit ActiveX at least three (3) sub-processes of the CEF framework are created, resulting to high CPU utilization. By setting this property to true you can avoid the creation of browser sub-processes until it is absolutely necessary.

    In earlier versions of WebKitX this was the default behavior, which presented some minor initialization performance cost. Since May 2020 it is possible to create and allocate browser resources when the control is loaded, which happens at application loading time, resulting in better performance at expense of memory and CPU resources.

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