mobileFX WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX 4.x
WebKitXCEF3Lib ActiveX Control / WebKitXCEF3 Object / OnIPCTimeOut Event
In This Topic
    OnIPCTimeOut Event
    In This Topic

    Fired when ActiveX to CEF3 Process Inter-process Communication (IPC) times-out.

    Visual Basic
    Public Event OnIPCTimeOut()

     WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX is a light-weight MFC ATL component for use with OLE/COM Programming Languages. At runtime the ActiveX starts CEF3XClient.exe process, passing to it its Window Handle (hWnd).

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    CEF3XClient Process starts CEF3 Browser and Render sub-processes and establishes a seamless back-to-back Interprocess Communication Mechanism (IPC) between the ActiveX and all CEF3 processes. Chrome Browser is parented in ActiveX hWnd but lives in its own process.

    All COM-based method and property calls between the ActiveX and CEF3XClients are marshaled using CoWaitForMultipleHandles, allowing your application's UI to be responsive. For time-consuming tasks, such as URL loading, COM events provide you callbacks when the tasks are finished.

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