mobileFX WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX 4.x
WebKitXCEF3Lib ActiveX Control / WebKitXCEF3 Object / SelStrikeThrough Property
In This Topic
    SelStrikeThrough Property
    In This Topic

    Sets or retrieves if the current selection is Stroked. 

    Property type
    Read-write property
    Visual Basic
    Public Property SelStrikeThrough As Boolean
    Return Type

    Returns if the current selection is Stroked.


    On read the property executes ExecCommand(EDIT_CMD_SEL_GET_FONT_STRIKETHROUGH).

    On write the property executes ExecCommand(EDIT_CMD_SEL_SET_FONT_STRIKETHROUGH).

    Private Sub mnuSelInfo_Click()
        On Error Resume Next
        WebKitX1.ExecCommandSetFocus = False
        AddLog "SelFontName=" & WebKitX1.SelFontName
        AddLog "SelFontSize=" & WebKitX1.SelFontSize
        AddLog "SelFontColor=" & WebKitX1.SelFontColor
        AddLog "SelFontBackColor=" & WebKitX1.SelFontBackColor
        AddLog "SelFontBold=" & WebKitX1.SelFontBold
        AddLog "SelFontItalic=" & WebKitX1.SelFontItalic
        AddLog "SelFontUnderline=" & WebKitX1.SelFontUnderline
        AddLog "SelStrikeThrough=" & WebKitX1.SelStrikeThrough
        WebKitX1.ExecCommandSetFocus = True
    End Sub
    private void menuItemGetSelectionInfo_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        WebKitXCEF31.ExecCommandSetFocus = false;
        AddLog("SelFontName=" + WebKitXCEF31.SelFontName + "\n");
        AddLog("SelFontSize=" + WebKitXCEF31.SelFontSize + "\n");
        AddLog("SelFontColor=" + WebKitXCEF31.SelFontColor + "\n");
        AddLog("SelFontBackColor=" + WebKitXCEF31.SelFontBackColor + "\n");
        AddLog("SelFontBold=" + WebKitXCEF31.SelFontBold + "\n");
        AddLog("SelFontItalic=" + WebKitXCEF31.SelFontItalic + "\n");
        AddLog("SelFontUnderline=" + WebKitXCEF31.SelFontUnderline + "\n");
        AddLog("SelStrikeThrough=" + WebKitXCEF31.SelStrikeThrough + "\n");
        WebKitXCEF31.ExecCommandSetFocus = true;
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