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    Getting Started with C#
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    Start Visual Studio .NET and create a new C# Windows Forms Application.



    Right-click on Project References and select Add Reference...



    Select COM tree node and type webkitx on search textbox; the list will display mobileFX WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX. Check the checkbox next to it and click OK.



    The control will appear in the Toolbox as illustrated below.



    Drag the control on the Form. On the control's canvas will appear the Developer UUID of your Workstation. Send it by email to



    Create an event handler for the Form's Load event.



    In Form_Load event handler, enter your activation information as illustrated below.



    Switch back to Form Designer and create an event handler for the OnBrowserReady event.



    Activate Scripts and open the URL you wish to browse.



    Compile and Run!



    WebKitX API programming in C#

    As of version 2.x WebKitX ActiveX ships with C# samples for both x32 and x64 architectures. The IDL COM API of WebKitX is using OLE/COM Variants for passing data back and forth to the ActiveX. In C# the Variant data type is not available but you may substitute it with object array like the example below:



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