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    Getting Started with Visual Basic 6.0
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    Start Visual Basic 6.0 and create a new Standard EXE Application.

    Select Project -> References... from the menu to open up the References dialogue.

    Scroll down until you locate the mobileFX WebSocketX and select it.  Then click OK. 

    In order to test WebSocketX, we will need an Echo Server.  For the purpose of this tutorial we use mobileFX's echo server. Creation of the Echo Server is out of scope of this tutorial, but you can easily find instructions on how to build your own or use an online echo server, instead.

    Create a simple form, with the following controls:

    Control Name Control Type Text Click Handler Description
    btnConnect Button Connect btnConnect_Click Connect to Echo Server
    btnSendMessage Button Send Message btnSendMessage_Click Send a custom message to the Web Socket echo server
    btnDisconnect Button Disconnect btnDisconnect_Click Disconnect
    txtMessage Text Allows user to enter a message to send to the Web Socket echo server
    txtOutput Text (Readonly) Responses and messages that we want to show to the user are set in this control.



    The form looks like this:



    Copy and paste the code below, to test WebSocketX:

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    Option Explicit
    Dim WithEvents ws As WebSocketX.WebSocket
    Private Sub Form_Load()
        btnDisconnect.Enabled = False
        ' VB controls need Charset to properly work with Unicode
        Me.Font.Charset = 161
        Set txtMessage.Font = Me.Font
        Set txtOutput.Font = Me.Font
        ' Create WebSocketX instance
        Set ws = New WebSocketX.WebSocket
        ' Set WebSocket text mode and IO buffers
        ws.TextMode = True
        ws.MaximumIncomingMessageSizeBytes = 1000000#
        ws.WriteBufferSizeBytes = 1000000#
    End Sub
    Private Sub btnConnect_Click()
        txtOutput.Text = "Connecting ..."
        btnDisconnect.Enabled = True
        ' Connect to WebSocket Echo Server in insecure mode
    End Sub
    Private Sub btnDisconnect_Click()
        txtOutput.Text = "Disconnecting ..."
        btnConnect.Enabled = True
        btnDisconnect.Enabled = False
        ' Disconnect from server and transmit closing frame
        ws.Close CLOSE_CODE_NORMAL
    End Sub
    Private Sub ws_OnOpen()
        txtOutput.Text = "Connected."
    End Sub
    Private Sub ws_OnError(ByVal ErrorCode As Long, ByVal ErrorDescription As String)
        txtOutput.Text = "ERROR: " & ErrorCode & ", " & ErrorDescription
    End Sub
    Private Sub ws_OnClose()
        txtOutput.Text = "Disconnected."
    End Sub
    Private Sub ws_OnMessage(ByVal data As String)
        txtOutput.Text = txtOutput.Text + vbCrLf + data
    End Sub
    Private Sub btnSendMessage_Click()
        If IsEmpty(txtMessage.Text) Then
            MsgBox "Please enter message", vbCritical
            Exit Sub
        End If
        If ws.State <> WS_OPEN Then
            MsgBox "Please connect to WebSocket echo server", vbCritical
            Exit Sub
        End If
        ws.Send txtMessage.Text
    End Sub

     That's it. Build and run the project.  You should see something like this: