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    The following article presents the installation steps for Windows 7 which is similar to Window 8, 10 and XP operating systems. For Windows Server installation please read this article.

    Download WebSocketX setup package and install it C:\Program Files (x86)\ for x86 Application Development, or in C:\Program Files\ for x64 Application Development. The ActiveX registers itself in Windows Registry and requires permissions to do so, so please make sure you run the installation by choosing Run as administrator. Before the installation starts, the setup program will check if your Workstation requires Visual C++ 2017 Runtimes, and install it if it does.


    You are welcome to evaluate WebSocketX for 30 days in a non production environment and feel free to contact us with your questions, your suggestions and your bounties! During evaluation, when opening a URL and at random intervals WebSocketX displays a notification window informing you that it is a commercial product and that it requires a License, but it wont prevent you from using all its features.