mobileFX WebSocketX
WebSocketX ActiveX DLL / WebSocket Object
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    WebSocket Object Members
    In This Topic
    Public Methods

    Asynchronously close WebSocket connection by transmitting a close code.

    Asynchronously open WebSocket connection.

    Transmit a String to the WebSocket server.

    Transmit a VARIANT of type SafeArray of Bytes to the WebSocket server. 

    Set CA authority certificate if using a self-signed SSL certificate on the server. 

    Set optional headers prior to connection.

    Public Properties

    Set the automatic fragmentation option. Default is false.

    Set the connection timeout. Default is 10 sec.

    Indicates the evaluation period has expired.

    The time limit after which a connection is considered idle. Default is 300 sec.

    Set the maximum incoming message size option. Default is 10e6.

    Set the permessage-deflate extension options. Default is true.

    Set the permessage-deflate extension options. Default is 3.

    Retrieves product version string.

    Set the DNS resolve timeout. Default is 30 sec.

    Retrieves protocol and connection state.

    Forces WebSocket protocol into text mode. Default is true.

    Retrieves the current WebSocket URL.

    Retrieves the Developer Workstation UUID.

    Set the write buffer size option. Default is 10e6.


    Fires when WebSocket has been disconnected from server.

    Fires when an error occurs.

    Fires when a message is received from the server.

    Fires when a WebSocket connection is established.

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