mobileFX WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX 4.x
WebKitXCEF3Lib ActiveX Control / WebKitXCEF3 Object / HMI_URL Property
In This Topic
    HMI_URL Property
    In This Topic

    When set, the control creates the browser and loads the URL defined.

    The property is intended to be used by Rockwell FactoryTalk.

    To use WebKitX in HMI environments you must set Enable_HMI_IO to True.

    Property type
    Read-write property
    Visual Basic
    Public Property HMI_URL As String

    WebKitX implements a specific Loading Sequence that requires handling OnCreate and OnBrowserReady events before you can load your URL using the Open method. This requires full COM programming support by the OLE container software such as handling events, setting properties and calling methods. In Rockwell FactoryTalk the Loading Sequence is orchestrated simply by setting the HMI_URL property. The property can be retained by the executable.


    Detailed example can be found in Getting Started with Rockwell FactoryTalk.

    Option Explicit
    Private Sub Form_Resize()
        On Error Resume Next
        WebKitX1.Move 0, 0, ScaleWidth, ScaleHeight
    End Sub
    Private Sub Form_Load()
        ' Load Human Machine Interface markup
        WebKitX1.HMI_URL = "file:///" + App.Path + "/index.html"
    End Sub
    Private Sub WebKitX1_OnCreate(ByVal Settings As WebKitXCEF3Lib.ISettings, CommandLineSwitches As String)
        ' Set WebKitX HMI values to flush/refresh at rate 1Hz (every 1sec).
        Settings.hmi_input_clock_frequency_hz = 1
    End Sub
    Private Sub WebKitX1_OnPageComplete(ByVal url As String)
        ' We use a timer at 60Hz to simulate high-frequency sensors.
        Timer1.Interval = (1000 / 60)
        Timer1.Enabled = True
    End Sub
    Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
        ' We read values from "sensors" and pass them to six (6) different HMI I/O channels.
        ' We read sensor values 60 times per second (every ~16ms). WebKitX uses input latches
        ' to retain input values and flush them to HTML at a rate of 1Hz (every 1sec).
        WebKitX1.HMI_VALUE_001 = Rnd * 1560
        WebKitX1.HMI_VALUE_002 = Rnd * 1560
        WebKitX1.HMI_VALUE_003 = Rnd * 1560
        WebKitX1.HMI_VALUE_004 = Rnd * 1560
        WebKitX1.HMI_VALUE_005 = Rnd * 1560
        WebKitX1.HMI_VALUE_006 = Rnd * 1560
    End Sub
    Private Sub WebKitX1_OnHMIControlSignal(ByVal Index As Long, ByVal Data As String)
        Debug.Print Format(Time, "HH:MM:SS") & " > HMI_VALUE_" & Format(Index, "000") & " = " & Data
    End Sub
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