mobileFX JavaScriptX - Google V8 JavaScript Embedded Framework
JavaScriptXLib ActiveX DLL / ScriptControl Object
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    ScriptControl Object Members
    In This Topic
    Public Methods

    Adds and immediately executes specified JavaScript code to a ScriptControl.

    Exports a native COM Object to JavaScript.

    Evaluates a JavaScript expression and returns the result.

    Executes a specified JavaScript statement.

    Reinitializes the scripting engine.

    Executes a JavaScript function.

    Public Properties

    Sets or returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a running script, or the ScriptControl itself, is allowed to display user-interface elements.


    Returns an Error object containing information about the script error.

    Indicates the evaluation period of unlicensed control has expired.

    Sets or returns the name of the scripting language being used.

    Contains a collection of Module objects.

    Contains a collection of Procedure objects.

    The formal version of this product.

    Contains a reference to a hWnd that will be used to display GUIs.

    Returns the mode of the ScriptControl object.

    Specifies the maximum number of milliseconds the script will run before an error will be generated.

    Prevents access to selected objects and procedures that can compromise an application’s security.

    The unique hash of developer workstation where this product is installed.


    The Error event occurs when the scripting engine detects some sort of error.

    The Timeout event occurs when the time specified in the Timeout property has elapsed.

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