mobileFX JavaScriptX - Google V8 JavaScript Embedded Framework
JavaScriptXLib ActiveX DLL / ScriptControl Object / Error Property
In This Topic
    Error Property
    In This Topic

    Returns an Error object containing information about the script error.

    Property type
    Read-only property
    Visual Basic
    Public Property Error As Error

    The returned Error object is used for both compilation and run-time errors.

    Note: not all Error object properties are valid at all times. When a property is not appropriate for a specific error, its value will be 0 or a zero-length string ("").

    Private Sub Form_Load()
        Dim SC As ScriptControl
        Dim m As Module
        Dim Result As Variant
        Set SC = New ScriptControl
        SC.Language = "JavaScript"
        SC.AllowUI = True
        SC.SitehWnd = Me.hWnd
        SC.UseSafeSubset = False
        SC.Timeout = 60
        On Error Resume Next
        ' Exception
        Result = SC.Run("eval", "1/c")
        If SC.Error.Number <> 0 Then
            Debug.Print "Error Code:" & SC.Error.Number
            Debug.Print "Error Desc:" & SC.Error.Description
            Debug.Print "Error Text:" & SC.Error.Text
            Debug.Print "Error Line:" & SC.Error.Line
            Debug.Print "Error Col:" & SC.Error.Column
        End If
        Result = SC.Eval("1/0") 'INF
    End Sub
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