mobileFX WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX 4.x
WebKitXCEF3Lib ActiveX Control / Settings Object / simulate_ie_window_status Property
In This Topic
    simulate_ie_window_status Property
    In This Topic

    Enables notification events of window.status to be fired. Default is false.

    Property type
    Read-write property
    Visual Basic
    Public Property simulate_ie_window_status As Boolean

    WebKitX can simulate IE window.status notifications with the OnStatusChange event. Internally WebKitX creates a timer and evaluates the "window.status" JavaScript at regular intervals; if a change is detected the event is fired. However, this concept does not work nicely with Chromium DevTools rendering its use impractical. As of Jul 2020 there is a behavior change in WebKitX and in order to receive status notifications you must first set Settings.simulate_ie_window_status to true by handling the OnCreate event.

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