mobileFX VHX
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    VHX Object Members
    In This Topic
    Public Methods
    Creates a Player when the software loads.
    Destroys the Player.
    Loads and starts playing a media.
    Pauses a media that is curently playing.
    Starts/resumes playing a media.
    Stops a media that is currently playing.
    Public Properties
    The color displayed behind the media playing.
    The message displayed when the media can't be played.
    Pauses the media playing on a Human Machine Interface.
    Starts/resumes playing a defined media on a Human Machine Interface.
    Stops the media playing on a Human Machine Interface.
    Initialize a Human Machine Interface with a specific media to play by assigning the path to it.
    Whether the media should play immediately or a call to Play is required.
    Whether we should receive messages regarding the control's functionality in the OnConsoleMessage event.
    The duration of the media currently playing.
    The range of player events we want to receive in OnPlayerEvent.
    Whether the media should play in a loop or not.
    The point in the media's lifetime that is currenty playing.
    The speed that the media is playing.
    Holds the various states of the control during its lifetime.
    The point reached in the media's duration.
    Dispose of the Player when it is no longer needed in order to free-up resources.
    Receive messages regarding the control's processings.
    Receive messages regarding the Player's operations.
    Fires when the Player is ready to play the media.
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